High quality
pet food

A team of nutritionists takes you into the world of dog and cat nutrition. We offer you a wide range of products based on a variety of high-quality ingredients that are subjected to a thorough input control and monitored in an analysis plan.

We work with a variety of animal products (including fresh meat), vegetable ingredients, oils and fats, fruits and vegetables, berries and seeds, functional ingredients and a lot more. Nutrition is formulated depending on the animal's needs, based on age, breed, activity level, physiological status and other possible environmental factors. All underpinned by scientific data.


Dry petfood

The classic food for your four-legged friend, highly palatable and based on carefully selected ingredients.

Semi moist

As one of the few in Europe, we can produce semi-moist pet food, with or without fresh meat, characterised by their specific structure and extra palatability.


A wide variety of shapes, flavours and functionalities in extruded treats.




Extrudates formulated with high-quality, carefully selected ingredients from reliable suppliers.

Gluten free

Recipes, without gluten, based on rice and corn.

Grain free

Recipes, without cereals, based on potato and tapioca.

With Fresh Meat

All ranges can be formulated with the addition of different varieties of fresh meat or fish at variable dosage percentages.

Functional ingredients

We have a broad portfolio of ingredients that provide additional functionality and can be used to substantiate specific claims.


Packaging tailored to your product


Packaging tailored to your product

Name us your packaging and we can handle it.
4-corner bag
Flat bottom
Paper bag
plastic bag

Our brand

Discover our brand

ARION specialises in quality dog or cat food. Thanks to our extensive range, we perfectly meet the needs and wishes of every cat or dog.

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